About me

My driving purpose is to wholeheartedly support others in reaching their goals and unlocking their fullest potential for a life of fulfillment and success.

Transforming Lives

The most exceptional fighters and entrepreneurs are those that go beyond mere grit and determination, surpassing trophies, awards and wealth. Their legacy extends far beyond their chosen fields and profession.

Immortalised for their abilities to uplift and inspire future generations. What sets them apart is not just their mindset, talent, charismas and genius, but their genuine humanity shining through. They transcend the trappings of ego, embodying the highest virtues of compassion and empathy, leaving a profound impact on the lives they touch. Their ability to inspire others becomes their true legacy, one that goes beyond their professional success.

“Harmonising with Universal Laws: Embrace Karma, Authenticity, and Integrity for a Fulfilled Life”

Luke Levene

Welcome to my extraordinary journey—a deeply transformative story of self-discovery and empowerment that has led me to become your wellness coach. Growing up in the heart of London, I was surrounded by a world of opulence and privilege. My network was a mesmerizing black book, connecting me with the most affluent and powerful individuals. Doors opened effortlessly, and opportunities seemed limitless.

At 30, life seemed picture-perfect—I had launched one of London’s hottest nightlife hotspots, attracting celebrities and elites. Alongside my successful venture, I found passion and purpose working in the cutting-edge tech industry—a world that fascinated me with its boundless possibilities.

Beyond the glamour, I was also previously engaged to marry a hotel heiress—an experience that added another layer of complexity to my journey of self-discovery.

However, beneath the surface, there was a gnawing feeling—a sense of emptiness that no external achievement or relationship could fill. It was a moment of reckoning, a realization that something profound was missing in my life.

This turning point led me to embark on a soul-searching journey of self-reflection and spiritual growth. Seeking wisdom from the teachings of non-duality and Kabbalah, I yearned to find my true self and purpose. It was during this process of confronting fears and breaking free from limiting beliefs that I experienced a profound transformation.

As I delved deeper into self-discovery, I began to unravel the layers of conditioning and expectations that had held me back. Alongside my fulfilling career in tech, I also embarked on a journey to nurture my relationships and find a sense of fulfillment beyond external achievements.

Facing my vulnerabilities with courage, I uncovered a newfound sense of authenticity and fulfillment in both my personal life and my career.

Now, as your wellness coach, I carry the wisdom of this transformative moment in my heart. Our sessions will be rooted in trust, empathy, and understanding. I know what it’s like to navigate life’s challenges, and I’m here to support you through every step of your journey.

With a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, I will help you cultivate self-awareness, build resilience, and foster a profound sense of self-trust. I wholeheartedly believe in your inherent strengths and potential, and my mission is to empower you to unleash your greatness.

As we embark on this transformative path together, know that I am dedicated to your well-being and growth. Your progress is my inspiration, and I am committed to seeing you thrive.

Let’s create a powerful partnership to bring out the best in you, unlocking a life filled with purpose, joy, and holistic well-being. I’m here to walk alongside you, connecting on a personal level, and supporting you every step of the way. Welcome to a journey of self-discovery and empowerment—you’re in capable and compassionate hands.

I have met Luke and we had chemistry from the first moment. He has been a great inspiration and his words have helped me to see the situation from a more positive and constructive perspective, and I am sure that his services will be of great value to anyone.

J. Gil, Director​

Meeting Luke was a pleasant surprise during our vacation. This encounter made me realize that we can always return to our true nature and achieve the transformation we’ve all been seeking. Luke can help you find the tools to achieve it.

L. Bol, CEO​

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